Switching Health Funds

It must be harder to change my Health Fund than changing my bank!? Sound familiar?

It’s not! It’s easy and we are here to help and explain why.

People’s needs change all the time and with this, so should your health insurance plan.

Most of these changes occur during ‘life stages’ or ‘events’.

  • You’re looking to start a family and would like cover for pregnancy
  • You’ve finished with having children and it’s time to remove it from your cover
  • It’s time to get some major work started on your teeth
  • Playing sport means more trips to the physiotherapist?
  • You took out a policy a decade ago and just want to make sure its still relevant to you!
  • Cost of living is putting pressure on you/family and its time to check what we are covered for

But you probably already know that, this is why you’re here.

Let’s get into the most common questions around switching.

What about my waiting periods? Someone told me I have to start them again?!
That’s simply not true.

If this was the case, you wouldn’t see hundreds of people across the country changing private health insurers every day!

The private health industry is heavily regulated and designed for situations with this in mind. People’s needs change. This policy within the legislation is called ‘Portability’. It allows members to switch funds to an equivalent or lower level of cover without having to restart waiting periods for services on the policy.

For more information on Health Fund Waiting periods, click here.

How does this happen though between two different health funds?

I see you’re paying attention!

Simple; with the use of what we call a clearance or transfer certificate. The old insurer will provide this certificate to the new insurer with all of the relevant information to complete the transfer. It is this request that will also finalise any payments and debits to the old insurer.

*This process can take between 14-21 working days, so don’t be alarmed if you see additional payments being deducted. These will all be refunded back to you.

I need to claim during the transfer? Am I still covered?

As long as you’re a current member of a health fund, covered for that service, have served your relevant waiting period and are not in arrears with your premium, absolutely yes!

This can be completed a number of ways however this will be fund specific.

Ok, I’m ready to compare my cover, what do I do?

The best way would be;

  • Find your current policy information
  • Set aside 15 minutes
  • Give us a call!
  • Enjoy your new benefits
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